History & Art

Saint Mary Parish has a rich history in Waltham. Since 1835, St. Mary's has been a gathering place for those seeking God. In earlier centuries, St. Mary's welcomed immigrants primarily from Europe, while today she welcomes newer immigrants from Central America and Africa. 

In 2010, under the direction of the current pastor, Fr. Michael Nolan, Saint Mary's went through a major renovation in anticipation of its 175th anniversary. Inspired by his love of history and art, the pastor collaborated with Masterwork Painting and Restoration and updated the church (inside and out) to be the beautiful place of worship that we see today.

Interior paint colors
Apse wall
Sanctuary floor tiles
Blessed Mother statue
Stained glass windows
Ceiling murals

Saint Mary's High School

The Beauty that will save - A video series narrated by Fr. Michael Nolan

A History of St. Mary's Parish 1835-1935 by Rev. James J. Baxter, D.D.