Interior paint colors

interior colors

The church is painted in colors that make it conducive to prayer, worship, and the forming of people. The specific colors highlight aspects of our faith:

  • The blue in the ceiling and side chapel walls speaks to life and our patroness Mary who brought the Lord of Life into our midst.
  • The red columns remind us that the foundation of our faith is the love Christ showed for us by shedding his blood. Faith in Christ was built and spread by the martyrs who also gave their lives.
  • The white in the arches speaks to the mystery of purity which unites us with each other. Sin divides while purity unites us with God as well as each other.
  • The bronze and the gold remind us that the Kingdom of God is among us and that faith is a treasure more precious than any other.

These colors allow for the sunlight to enter the building in different ways throughout the day. This interaction between light and darkness reminds us that even though Christ has enlightened us with faith, we live that faith in a world where light and darkness still battle.

Apse wall
Sanctuary floor tiles
Blessed Mother statue
Stained glass windows
Ceiling murals

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