Priests & Staff

Fr. Michael Nolan

Father Michael Nolan, Pastor   |   Send a message
Fr. Michael has served as the pastor of St. Mary’s since 2006. A native of Framingham, Fr. Michael is the son of William and Joan Nolan and the brother of two sisters. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in history and was a high school teacher before entering St. John’s Seminary. Ordained in 2000, Fr. Michael was named pastor of St. Mary’s in 2006 after serving at St. Michael's in Bedford. The greatest honor of his life was being ordained a priest. Fr. Michael says, I love being a Christian. I love being a Catholic priest. I love being the pastor of St. Mary's in Waltham.

Fr Francisco Góngora

Father Francisco Góngora García, Parochial Vicar   |   Send a message
Fr. Francisco was born in San Vicente, El Salvador. He is the son of Adalberto Jorge Góngora and Sara García and the oldest of 9 children. He studied at Major Seminary Nuestra Señora Del Camino in Guatemala, and was ordained a priest on February 7, 2009 in the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador. He then studied Canon Law at the University of Navarra in Spain. Fr. Francisco has worked in various parishes and for the Ecclesiastical Court of San Salvador. He was also a professor at the San José de la Montaña Major Seminary. As a parochial vicar at St. Mary Parish, Fr. Francisco says, I am very happy to be here! ¡Estoy feliz de estar aquí!

Fr. Joseph Diem

Father Joseph Diem, Parochial Vicar   |   Send a message
Fr. Joseph came to St. Mary's in June 2016 and began serving as a Parochial Vicar in April 2017. He was born in Vietnam and studied for the priesthood there. Fr. Joseph lived in a refugee camp in Thailand where he was ordained by the Papal Nuncio to Bangkok (the Pope’s Ambassador). He was then invited to come to Boston and serve as a priest in the Archdiocese. Fr. Joseph served in many different parishes before coming to Waltham. He says, I will serve anywhere that God sends me.

Fr. Charles Mulindwa

Father Charles Malindwa, UCCB Chaplain   |   Send a message
Fr. Charles is from Uganda and is the second in a family of five children. His father died in 2004; his mother is still living. He studied at Bukalasa Minor Seminary in Masaka, Uganda, then Katigondo National Major Seminary in Masaka and St. Mary's National Major Seminary Ggaba in Kampala. Fr. Charles was ordained on August 6, 2011 at Kitovu Cathedral, Masaka Diocese. He worked in the Masaka Diocese for five years and went to Spain in 2016 to study theology at the University of Navarra. In 2018, he began studies in theology at Boston College. Fr. Charles is the chaplain of the Ugandan Catholic Community of Boston (UCCB).

Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy, Business Manager   |   Send a message
Mary’s career at St. Mary’s began in 2010 after working in the corporate world for 25 years as a software trainer and consultant. She is a graduate of Boston College and Bentley University. Mary is the youngest of nine children and worked her way through school by juggling multiple jobs. This turned out to be the best training for working at St. Mary’s! Along with managing all financial aspects of the parish, she publishes the bulletin, oversees the 133 Club and manages various software products. Mary happily notes that she and her husband have been married for 35 years and have two grown children. She says, I love working for the Lord. It’s humbling.

Nilvia Hernandez

Nilvia Hernandez, Administrator of Religious Education   |   Send a message
Nilvia and her family have been parishioners at St. Mary's for over 34 years. She was born in Puerto Rico and is married with three children. Nilvia handles the administrative duties for the Religious Education program at St. Mary's.

Mike Welch

Michael Welch, Sexton   |   Send a message
Mike has been the sexton/custodian at St. Mary's for the last 25 years. He is the quiet force who keeps the church property clean at all times - no small feat! Mike is not only dedicated to maintaining the church and its buildings, but also serves as the "go-to guy" when anything on the premises needs repair or maintenance. He has been married for 24 years and has two sons.