St. Mary's After School Program

ASP children

St. Mary's After School Program is dedicated to helping children in grades two through eight grow in mind, body, and soul. Each day, the program implements growth in these three areas in the three hours the children attend. When the children arrive at 3pm each day, they participate in an hour of sports where they practice skills and play games. Followed by a snack or mini-meal, the children work on their homework, math, reading, and receive tutoring from volunteers who devote their time to help the children grow and succeed in their daily assignments. After homework, the children enter the last hour of the program which is devoted to prayer. Each day of the week, the children pray in different ways. On Monday, the children pray the Rosary led by Fr. Joseph Diem and pray the Stations of the Cross during Lent. On Tuesday, the children attend music class where they learn beautiful hymns and songs to sing to God, practice singing well, and gain more knowledge of music. On Wednesday, the children attend Catechesis where they learn more about the Catholic faith. The children attend and serve at Mass on Thursday. On Friday, the children attend Adoration and Benediction. For more information, contact Melanie at 781-577-2262.

CALENDAR 2022-2023